PAVmed Inc. (Nasdaq:PAVM)

is a highly-differentiated, multi-product medical device company employing a unique and proven business model designed to advance products from concept to commercialization much more rapidly and with significantly less capital than the typical medical device company. This model enables us to pursue an expanding pipeline strategy with a view to enhancing and accelerating value creation.

Meet Our Leadership

Backed by a strong track record of entrepreneurship, our leadership team has the clinical expertise, commercial acumen and proven business model to identify, innovate, and commercialize high-margin products in attractive markets with far less capital and greater speed to market than typical medical device companies.


We develop and commercialize innovative medical device products that we believe address unmet clinical needs, have attractive regulatory pathways, and encompass a broad spectrum of clinical areas. We focus on high-margin, single-use, interventional products which provide less invasive, safer, and more cost effective solutions for clinicians and their patients. We seek to expand our pipeline through creative engagements with clinicians, innovators, and leading medical centers.


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